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Instagram Swipe Up Link Feature Removed? NEW Link Stickers launched!

Instagram has recently removed its Swipe Up Link feature! Yes, you heard it right. But don't worry, it's been replaced with Link Stickers. A great advancement that will come along with the Link Stickers is that you can reply or react to stories that contain links to external websites. Earlier, app users were not allowed to reply to stories that were created with the Swipe Up feature.

How to use Instagram NEW Link Stickers?

The Instagram Swipe Up button was available to users who had more than 10,000 followers, or those who were verified. Similarly, the Instagram Link Stickers is available to only those who had access to the Swipe Up feature. Just like the users could add an external website link to a story using Instagram Swipe Up feature, users will be able to add an external link to the Link Stickers. Those who view the stories with such stickers will be able to tap on them and navigate to an external websites.

How to use? Simply go to the Stories section, press the button from where you add GIFs, Hashtags etc. , you will see a Feature by the name "Link" ! You are good to go, start sharing amazing external content sources.



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